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The SDP8276 is a PN silicon photodiode, transfer molded in a side-looking black plastic package, to minimize the effects of visible ambient light. The chip is positioned to accept radiant energy through a lens on the side of the package. The SDP8276 photodiode offers fast response time and a linear output. It is ideal for battery powered systems or anywhere power is at a premium.


SDP8276 Series Photodiode Infrared Detectors Catalog Information Catalog Information English 259KB
Infrared Sensors Line Guide Product Line Guide English 1MB
Photodiodes Technical Information English 74KB
Optoelectronics for Mouse and Shaft Encoder Applications Technical Information English 213KB

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Product Package Type Angular Response (Degree) Light Current Minimum Power Dissipation
SDP8276-001 Side-Looking 50 4.0 µA 100 mW