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The SD3410/5410 series consists of an NPN silicon photodarlington mounted in a TO-46 metal can package. The SD3410 has flat window cans providing a wide acceptance angle, while the SD5410 has glass lensed cans providing a narrow acceptance angle. The TO-46 packages are ideally suited for operation in hostile environments.


SD3410/5410 Series Photodarlington Infrared Detectors Catalog Information Catalog Information English 448KB
Infrared Sensors Line Guide Product Line Guide English 1MB

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Product Package Style Angular Response (Degree) Light Current Minimum Power Dissipation
SD3410-001 T0-46, Flat Window 90 0.6 mA 150 mW
SD3410-002 T0-46, Flat Window 90 2.0 mA 150 mW
SD3410-003 T0-46, Flat Window 90 4.0 mA 150 mW
SD3410-004 T0-46, Flat Window 90 8.0 mA 150 mW