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These enhanced and responsive sensors are often ideal for air-gas, liquid-immersion, and solid-surface temperature sensing. Honeywell’s temperature probes are offered in a variety of housing materials and styles, terminations and R-T curve types, depending on the customers’ application needs.

Honeywell’s packaged temperature probe assemblies may incorporate NTC (negative temperature coefficient), KTY (silicon-based positive temperature coefficient,) or RTD (resistance temperature detector) output types.

They operate under a wide range of environmental conditions: an air temperature sensor rated to MIL-PRF-23648 used to measure aircraft engine bleed air temperature inside the leading edge of an aircraft wing, an IP67 seal-rated oil temperature sensor used in the engine of a heavy duty vehicle, or a surface temperature sensor used to monitor critical compressor temperatures in a transport refrigeration system, Honeywell has the right technology, sensor packaging, testing, track record and application expertise to provide the right sensor solution for its customers.

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