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The SDP8304/8314 series consists of a high speed IC molded in a side-looking black plastic package to minimize the effect of visible ambient light. The detector incorporates a Schmitt trigger which provides pulse shaping and hysteresis for noise immunity. Output rise and fall times are independent of rate of change of incident light. Detector sensitivity has been internally temperature compensated. The output stage is an open collector NPN transistor. This configuration allows the sensor to interface with circuit elements driven by supply voltages other than the Vcc supply. For additional output configuration options refer to SDP8004/8014 and SDP8604/8614.

Device Polarity

  • Buffer: Output is HI when incident light intensity is above the turn-on threshold level
  • Inverter: Output is LO when incident light intensity is above the turn-on threshold level
SDP8304 Series Optoschmitt Detectors - Honeywell


SDP8304/8314 Series Optoschmitt Infrared Detectors Catalog Information Catalog Information English 530KB

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Product Output Output Logic Turn-on Threshold Irradiance Angular Response (Degree)
SDP8304-301 Open-Collector Buffer 0.37 mW/cm² maximum 50


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