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The CSCA-A Series of open-loop current sensors are based on the principles of the Hall-effect wherein a Hall-effect device (HED) produces an output voltage linearly related to the amplitude and phase of a magnetic field applied to it.

Current flowing through a primary conductor generates a rotating magnetic field around the conductor. This field is collector by a core of magnetically sensitive material and concentrated in the gap in this core. The HED is located in this core gap. Therefore, the HED output is directly proportional to the amplitude and phase of the primary current.

The HED output is trimmed for gain and offset calibration such that the CSCA-A Series sensor provides a predefined output sensitivity versus primary current.

CSCA-A series open loop current sensors - Honeywell


Current Sensors Product Line Guide English 870KB
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Product Product Type Mounting Operate Current Sensed Current Range
CSCA0050A000B15B01 Inductive analog Molex-type Connector 50 A RMS Nominal at 25°C ±150 A
CSCA0100A000B15B01 Inductive analog Molex-type Connector 100 A RMS Nominal at 25°C ±300 A
CSCA0200A000B15B01 Inductive analog Molex-type Connector 200 A RMS Nominal at 25°C ±600 A
CSCA0300A000B15B01 Inductive analog Molex-type Connector 300 A RMS Nominal at 25°C ±900 A
CSCA0400A000B15B01 Inductive analog Molex-type Connector 400 A RMS Nominal at 25°C ±900 A
CSCA0500A000B15B01 Inductive analog Molex-type Connector 500 A RMS Nominal at 25°C ±900 A
CSCA0600A000B15B01 Inductive analog Molex-type Connector 600 A RMS Nominal at 25°C ±900 A


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