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The 2SS52M Series Digital Magnetoresistive Sensors are omnipolar, solid-state sensors with a built-in magnetoresistive bridge integrated on silicon and encapsulated in a plastic package. The integrated circuit also includes a band-gap regulator and a digital output in response to very low magnetic fields. These sensor ICs may be operated with either a North or a South magnetic pole applied in parallel to the sensor IC. The polarity does not need to be identified, simplifying installation in single pole applications and doubling the resolution in rotating magnet applications. These small and highly sensitive omnipolar devices have become a popular building block for flow metering, motor RPM and cylinder position sensing.

2SS52M Series Digital Magnetoresistive Sensors - Honeywell


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Product Package Type Operate Point
2SS52M U-Pack straight leads, 1000 units/bag 25 G max. (-40°C to 150°C)
2SS52M-S U-Pack surface mount, 1000 units/bag 25 G max. (-40°C to 150°C)
2SS52M-T2 U-Pack formed leads, 5000 units/ammo pack tape-in-box 25 G max. (-40°C to 150°C)
2SS52M-T3 U-Pack straight leads, 5000 units/ammo pack tape-in-box 25 G max. (-40°C to 150°C)
SS552MT SOT-89B, pocket tape and reel, 1000 units/reel 25 G max. (-40°C to 150°C)


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