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The HRS100 Series uses Hall-effect technology to provide angular position information. The use of magnetically coupled information, in place of a mechanical wiper assembly, provides long life and a cost-effective solution for harsh environments that include temperature, vibration, dither, moisture and dirt.

The HRS100 Series is packaged in a metal housing with a 9,5 mm [0.375 in] diameter bushing and a 6,35 mm [0.25 in] diameter slotted shaft. Termination is either solder lug or flying wire leads.

Non-contact Hall-effect Position Sensors, HRS - Honeywell


Position Sensors Line Guide Product Line Guide English 617KB
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HRS Series Hall-Effect Rotary Position Sensors Datasheet Datasheet English 1MB
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Product Mechanical Angle of Rotation Termination Type Output Voltage
HRS100SSAB090 90 ° ±2° straight solder lug 5 % to 95 % of applied Vdd, approx (programmable)
HRS100SSAB180 180 ° ±2° straight solder lug 5 % to 95 % of applied Vdd, approx (programmable)
HRS100SWAB090 90 ° ±2° flying wire leads 5 % to 95 % of applied Vdd, approx (programmable)


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