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Motion & Position Sensors


Precise Position Performance. Honeywell offers a full line of position sensors to meet a variety of operating environments and application needs – all built to deliver robust, long-lasting performance and enhanced product life.

  • Honeywell SMART Position Sensors (Superior Measurement, Accuracy, Reliability, and Thinking) enable highly accurate motion control, improving operational efficiency and safety. Measuring linear, angular, or rotary movement of a magnet attached to a moving object, their non-contact design eliminates mechanical failure mechanisms, reducing wear and tear, improving reliability and durability, and minimizing downtime. They are also easy to install, reducing setup costs.
  • Honeywell Non-contact Hall-effect Sensors respond to the presence or to the interruption of a magnetic field, using a solid-state Hall-effect IC to sense rotary movement of the actuator shaft and then producing a proportional output. The IC, circuitry and magnets are galvanized with an integral connector – more than a match for the most unforgiving conditions. Other benefits include: 360-degree operating range with multi-turn allowable rotation, low torque actuation, and greatly reduced wearout mechanisms.
  • Resolvers are rotary and angle absolute position sensors that provide non-contact measurement for 360° sensing, enhanced accuracy, resolution, and repeatability under severe environmental conditions. They are inherently radiation hardened and offer durable electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance.
  • T&M Torque Transducers possess a tradition of quality and accuracy in measurement that stretches back over half a century. Honeywell has spent decades improving and customizing both rotary and reaction torque transducers. Our extensive product line reflects this dedication, offering unmatched application and mechanical flexibility diversity. Having performed thousands of modifications to individual products, Honeywell’s high-quality, custom design solutions ensure that from basic torque telemetry to advanced digital measurement, you will find a product that suits your application.
  • T&M Accelerometers include a full range of configurations, including miniature transducers, bi-axial and tri-axial measurements and special submersible units, all available in numerous mounting configurations, including screw type, bolt mount, epoxy and others. Plus, Honeywell offers both strain gauge and piezo-electric technology, making our product line one of the most robust in the market. Honeywell accelerometers are designed to survive most overloads and are built to perform in the most extreme temperature conditions.
  • T&M LVDTs are designed to meet the requirements common to most single and multiple-point industrial gauging applications. This offering includes a diverse set of micro-displacement instruments, often used in research and scientific laboratories. Honeywell’s displacement transducer products are each designed as a complete package, eliminating the need for customers to identify, purchase and install additional components in order to implement the transducer. Solid, stainless steel construction and available submersible connectors add additional value to a line of rugged LVDTs that is certain to meet your needs.

Don’t see exactly what you need? Custom options are available – contact us with your application requirements.

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