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The 3450CMG Series consists of a temperature-sensitive bimetal disc, electrically isolated from the switch, which actuates the normally closed contacts. The contacts open when the surface or ambient temperatures increase to the operating snap point of the calibrated disc. The circuit will stay open above room ambient temperature until the manual reset button is pressed. Response to temperature changes is extremely rapid due to the inherently low mass of the disc and the small size of the product.


Commercial Thermostats Datasheet English 756KB
Thermostats Line Guide Product Line Guide English 444KB

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Product Functional Properties Open Temperature Close Temperature
3450CMG 80020578 Open on rise 126.7 °C [260 °F] Manual
3450CMG 80020658 Open on rise 176.7 °C [350 °F] Manual
3450CMG 80040505 Open on rise 198.9 °C [390 °F] Manual