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Honeywell offers two types of low profile, pancake style precision load cells constructed either of stainless steel or carbon steel. Stainless steel low profile pancake load cells feature either bonded foil or foil strain gauges to provide rugged high performance over many cycles of testing, such as in material testing applications. Intrinsically safe and fatigue rated options are available.

Our cost-effective general purpose carbon steel pancake load cells offer a compact design which features exceptional structural capability to withstand extraneous loads, such as torque, bending movements, and side loads combined with a high degree of accuracy for general purpose applications. Fatigue resistant and fatigue rated options are available.


  • Low profile pancake style constructed of either stainless steel or carbon steel
  • Accuracy ranges from from 0.10% up to 0.02% (enhanced)
  • Load ranges from 5 lbs to 500,000 lbs
  • Low sensitivity to extraneous loads
  • mV/V output
  • Intrinsically safe, fatigue resistant, and fatigue rated options available
Low profile load cells - Honeywell


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