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Honeywell offers a variety of load cells adaptable for special applications in automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, and other industries. Many of these products started off as modifications to existing products or non proprietary custom requests and became so popular, we decided to offer them to all of our customers. Just a few examples of the types of applications these load cells have been used for include high output testing, brake pedal force testing, seat belt load monitoring and testing, x-y force testing, and many others.

Do you have a special application where you just can’t seem to find the right load cell? Contact us to discuss a modification to one of our current products or about a complete custom design to fit your unique requirements.


  • Special application load cells for component and system testing in automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, and many other industries
  • Load ranges from 50 lbs up to 2000 lbs, depending on model
  • Rugged construction for high performance and long life
  • Can be modified or completely customized to meet specific requirements
Load cells for special applications - Honeywell


Model 6443 X-Y Force Sensor Datasheet Datasheet English 299KB
Model 3663 Load Cell Datasheet Datasheet English 195KB
Model 3419 Seat Belt Load Cell Datasheet Datasheet English 317KB
Model AL-JP Load Cell Datasheet Datasheet English 192KB
Model AL-SC Load Cell Datasheet Datasheet English 184KB
T&M Overview Brochure Brochure English 413KB
Sensors and Switches in Mobile Cranes Application Note English 2MB
Oil and Gas Brochure Brochure English 4MB
Load Cell Range Guide Product Range Guide English 1MB
Tire Uniformity Machines for Tire Manufacturing Application Note English 2MB
Tension and Compression S-Beam Load Cells in Industrial and Medical Applications Application Note English 411KB
Aerospace Test and Measurement Capabilities Application Note English 2MB


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