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The MLT Series is a small-diameter linear position transducer that is rugged enough to withstand hostile factory environments. Using a proprietary dual wiper, internal ball joint and the MystR® conductive plastic film the MLT provides a usable output at high vibration levels over long periods of time. MLT transducers use precious metal wipers to further enhance reliability.

The MLT's 3/8 in diameter is among the smallest available and can used to replace LVDTs in many applications.

Intrinsically safe for Class I, II and III Division I, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F and G for hazardous (indoor/outdoor) NEMA 4 locations. V max.=30 V, I max.=100 mA, Ci=0, Li=0 mH.

Linear Potentiometers, MLT Series – Honeywell


MLT Series 3/8 inch Diameter Linear Position Transducer Datasheet English 477KB
Potentiometers Product Line Guide English 242KB
Position Sensors Range Guide Product Range Guide English 1MB

Browse MLT Series Products

Product Total Mechanical Travel Resistance
MLT001N1500D5C 26,67 mm [1.05 in] 1,500 Ohms
MLT001N1500F5C 26,67 mm [1.05 in] 1,500 Ohms
MLT002N3000B5C 52,07 mm [2.05 in] 3,000 Ohms
MLT002N3000F5C 52,07 mm [2.05 in] 3,000 Ohms
MLT003N4500B5C 77,47 mm [3.05 in] 4,500 Ohms
MLT003N4500F5C 77,47 mm [3.05 in] 4,500 Ohms
MLT004N6000B5C 102,87 mm [4.05 in] 6,000 Ohms
MLT004N6000F5C 102,87 mm [4.05 in] 6,000 Ohms
MLT005N7500B5C 128,27 mm [5.05 in] 7,500 Ohms
MLT006N9000B5C 153,67 mm [6.05 in] 9,000 Ohms


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