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The LongFellow® II incorporates design innovations to increase transducer life and provide greater resistance to vibration, while providing a smooth high-quality signal for demanding factory control applications. It has a solid stainless steel shaft, longer front-end bearings, a vibration-free damped element, a spring-loaded ball joint and a high precision precious metal wiper. Carrier guides extrude the full length of the housing to insure smooth operation even under severe side load conditions.

The newly designed internal components provide improvements based on worldwide testing and field experience.

Intrinsically safe for Class I, II and III Division I, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F and G for hazardous (indoor/outdoor) NEMA 4 locations. V max.=30 V, I max.=100 mA, Ci=0, Li,=0mH.

Linear Potentiometers, LFII Metric Series – Honeywell


Longfellow II Metric Series Linear Position Transducer Datasheet English 165KB
Potentiometers Product Line Guide English 242KB
Position Sensors Range Guide Product Range Guide English 1MB
LF2W-T Series Linear Position Transducer Datasheet English 117KB

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Product Total Mechanical Travel Resistance
LF2S0152M5KB8A 154,6 mm [6.09 in] 5,000 Ohms
LF2S0152M5KB8G 154,6 mm [6.09 in] 5,000 Ohms
LF2S0229M5KB8A 230,8 mm [9.09 in] 5,000 Ohms
LF2S0229M5KB8G 230,8 mm [9.09 in] 5,000 Ohms
LF2S0305M5KB8A 307,0 mm [12.09 in] 5,000 Ohms
LF2S0305M5KB8G 305,0 mm [12.09 in] 5,000 Ohms
LF2S0355M5KB8A 357,8 mm [14.09 in] 5,000 Ohms
LF2S0355M5KB8G 355,0 mm [14.09 in] 5,000 Ohms
LF2S0457M5KB8A 459,8 mm [18.09 in] 5,000 Ohms
LF2S0457M5KB8G 457,0 mm [18.09 in] 5,000 Ohms


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