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The DuraStar rodless linear position transducer incorporates over fifty years of MystR® technology into the longest lasting factory-rugged potentiometer. It allows large misalignment of shaft and housing, while providing whisper-quiet operation and smooth, clean signal output. MystR® provides the DuraStar excellent durability, especially in dither operation which is so often the determining factor in a potentiometer's life. It is an excellent replacement unit to reduce maintenance operations.

The rodless side-sealed DuraStar can also be used to replace a rodded potentiometer in contaminated applications to improve performance while providing long life.

Intrinsically safe for Class I, II and III Division I, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F and G for hazardous (indoor/outdoor) NEMA 4 locations. V max.=30 V, I max.=100 mA, Ci=0, Li,=0mH.

Linear Potentiometers, DR Series – Honeywell


Durastar Series Rodless Linear Position Transducer Datasheet English 184KB
Potentiometers Product Line Guide English 242KB
Position Sensors Range Guide Product Range Guide English 1MB
DR-T Series Rodless Linear Position Transducer Datasheet English 113KB

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Product Total Mechanical Travel Resistance
DR04N02KB7G 106,6 mm to [4.2 in] 2,000 Ohms
DR05N02KB7G 132,0 mm [5.2 in] 2,000 Ohms
DR06N05KB7G 157,4 mm [6.2 in] 5,000 Ohms
DR08N05KB7G 208,2 mm [8.2 in] 5,000 Ohms
DR09N05KB7G 233,6 mm [9.2 in] 5,000 Ohms
DR12N05KB7G 309,8 mm [12.2 in] 5,000 Ohms
DR14N05KB7G 360.6 mm [14.2 in] 5,000 Ohms
DR16N05KB7G 411,4 mm [16.2 in] 5,000 Ohms
DR18N05KB7G 462,2 mm [18.2 in] 5,000 Ohms
DR20N05KB7G 513,0 mm [20.2 in] 5,000 Ohms


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