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The AQ Series are shaftless waterproof linear potentiometers designed to operate in wet/washdown and in-tank environments.

The AQ series features an external actuator magnetically coupled to a position feedback element. The magnetic actuator replaces the shaft found in traditional linear transducers, which eliminates the need for additional stroke length mounting space and improves shock and vibration performance.

Precious metal dual wipers, MystR® proprietary conductive plastic, and anodized aluminum housings assure long life and reliable operation in numerous applications.

Intrinsically safe for Class I, II and III Division I, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F and G for hazardous (indoor/outdoor) NEMA 4 locations. V max.=30 V, I max.=100 mA, Ci=0, Li,=0mH.

Linear Potentiometers, AQLT Series – Honeywell


AQLT Series Harsh Duty Position Transducer Datasheet English 179KB
Potentiometers Product Line Guide English 242KB
Position Sensors Range Guide Product Range Guide English 1MB

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Product Total Mechanical Travel Resistance
AQLT06N06KFC 154,94 mm [6.1 in] 6,000 Ohms
AQLT12N12KFC 307,34 mm [12.1 in] 12,000 Ohms
AQLT18N18KFC 459,74 mm [18.1 in] 18,000 Ohms
AQLT24N24KFC 612,14 mm [24.1 in] 24,000 Ohms
AQLT30N30KFC 764,54 mm [30.1 in] 30,000 Ohms
AQLT38N38KFC 967,74 mm [38.1 in] 38,000 Ohms


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