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Honeywell's APS00B High Resolution Angular Position Sensor integrated circuit (IC) is a miniature surface mount device for angular or rotary displacement designed for magnetic saturating field sensing.

The APS00B creates an analog output voltage that varies with the direction of the magnetic flux passing over the sensor IC surface. It contains dual, saturated-mode Wheatstone bridges that generate quadrature (sine and cosine) signals to provide an extended range of angular measurements up to 180°.

This product is a cost-effective and space-efficient solution for high-volume OEM designs. Potential applications include position sensing, rotary speed and angle detection, and non-contact precision location measurement systems.

APS00B sensor ICs use Honeywell Anisotropic Magnetoresistive (AMR) technology that provides advantages over Hall-effect-based magnetic sensors. They are able to resolve better than a tenth of a degree or a tenth of a millimeter, withstand large variations in magnet-to-sensor gaps, and exhibit insensitivity to shocks and vibrations. Honeywell's Magnetic Sensors are among the most precise and reliable position sensors in the industry.

These surface mount devices are mounted directly on the electrical traces on a PC (Printed Circuit) board. They are attached by an automatic solder reflow operation which requires no hole, so it may help reduce the cost of the PC board.

APS00B Angle Sensor IC - Honeywell


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Browse APS00B Angle Sensor IC Products

Product Magnetic Actuation Type Package Type
APS00A SOIC-8, tape and 178 mm [7 in] reel, 1000 units/reel
APS00B Analog, saturated mode SOIC-8, tape and 178 mm [7 in] reel, 1000 units/reel
APS00B-T13 Analog, saturated mode SOIC-8, tape and 330 mm [13 in] reel, 4000 units/reel


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