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The Transportation Attitude Reference Sensor or TARS-IMU is a packaged sensor array designed to report vehicle angular rate, acceleration, and inclination for demanding applications in industries such as heavy duty, off-highway transportation.

TARS-IMU enables autonomous vehicle characteristics and enhances efficiency and productivity by reporting key data required to automate and monitor movements of vehicle systems and components. The sensor fusion algorithm can be customized for specific vehicle applications through on-board firmware, allowing movement data to be filltered for extraneous environment and vehicle movements.

With two sensor models for different power levels, TARS-IMU accommodates both 5 V and 9 V to 36 V vehicle power systems. While communication is carried to the vehicle through industry standard CAN J1939 connectivity.

As a standard, TARS-IMU is calibrated on aerospace-grade rate tables at the factory to provide calibration consistency between units.

The TARS-IMU is customizable using the software downloads available on this page.

  • TARS Configurator Software
  • Latest TARS Application Firmware (32328396-007 rA)
    • Baud rate configurable via the Personality File
    • Additional filtering capabilities
    • Improved tracking in high vibration environments
  • Standard TARS Personality File (32344986-001 rA)
    • 250 kbaud
    • Pitch and roll outputs at flat orientation
    • 0XE2 Preferred CAN address
TARS-IMU Series - Honeywell


Software Downloads

TARS Configurator Software ZIP English 15MB
Latest TARS Application Firmware (32328396-007 rA).zip ZIP English 68KB
Standard TARS Personality File (32344986-001 rA).zip ZIP English 1KB

Browse TARS-IMU Series Products

Product Angular Rate Range Angular Rate Resolution Supply Voltage
TARS-HCASS -245 deg/sec to +245 deg/sec 7.8125 mdps 9 V min to 36 V max.
TARS-LCASS -245 deg/sec to +245 deg/sec 7.8125 mdps 4.5 V min to 5.5 V max.


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