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The Transportation Attitude Reference System (TARS-IMU) is a packaged sensor array designed to report vehicle angular rate, acceleration, and attitude data for demanding applications in industries such as heavy-duty, off-highway transportation. The TARS-IMU enables autonomous vehicle characteristics and enhances efficiency and productivity by reporting key data required to automate and monitor movements of vehicle systems and components. The sensor fusion algorithm may be customized for specific vehicle applications via on-board firmware, allowing movement data to be filtered for extraneous environment and vehicle movements. With two sensor models for different power levels, the TARS-IMU accommodates both 5 V and 9 V to 36 V vehicle power systems. Communication is transmitted using industry standard CAN J1939 connectivity. As a standard, TARS-IMU is calibrated on aerospace-grade rate tables at the factory to provide enhanced calibration consistency between units.

Customization: The TARS-IMU may be customized to best meet application needs using the TARS Configurator Tool (TCT) software (available on this page) to change selected parameters such as broadcast rate, orientation, filter settings, etc. This tool creates a unique personality file which is then uploaded to the TARS-IMU for implementation.


  • Flexible. On-board firmware customizes the TARS-IMU to the specific vehicle for its designed application.
  • Durable. With top-of-the-line sealing (IP67, IP69K), the TARS-IMU is ruggedized to withstand harsh or heavy-duty applications.
  • Convenient. The TARS-IMU is delivered with customizable firmware that allows manufacturers to use a single part number across vehicles and applications. If preferred, the TARS-IMU may be pre-configured at the Honeywell factory for immediate installation out of the box.

Value to Customers

  • Designed to allow vehicle manufacturers and end users to increase efficiency with the automation of repetitive movements and complex tasks.
  • Enables precise movement, actuation, and guidance over severe terrain and vehicle grades.
  • Enhances safety through monitoring and guidance capabilities to promote the productivity of operators.
TARS Series - Honeywell


TARS Series Datasheet Datasheet English 684KB
TARS Series Installation Instructions Installation Instructions English 792KB
TARS-IMU Series Inertial Measurement Unit highres photo Photo -- 1MB
TARS-IMU Series Inertial Measurement Unit lowres photo Photo -- 120KB
TARS-IMU Sensor Target Applications Application Note English 5MB
TARS-IMU Sensors for Active Suspension Application Note English 597KB
TARS-IMU Sensors for Depth Control Application Note English 609KB
TARS-IMU Sensors for Pile Drivers Application Note English 406KB
TARS-IMU Sensors for Smart Leveling Hitches Application Note English 1MB
TARS-IMU Sensors for Traction Control and Stabilization Application Note English 524KB
TARS-IMU Sensors for Vehicle Implement Control Application Note English 459KB
TARS-IMU Sensors for Wheel Slippage Detection Application Note English 516KB
TARS in Construction Implements Application Note English 6MB
Position Sensors Range Guide Product Range Guide English 3MB
TARS in a Wheel Loader/Excavator Application Note English 8MB
TARS in a Skid Steer Loader Application Note English 8MB
Sensors and Switches in Mobile Cranes Application Note English 2MB
Sensors and Switches in Front Loaders Application Note English 3MB
Partners Providing Technical Safety and Productivity Solutions Product Range Guide English 11MB

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Product Supply Voltage
TARS-HCASS 9 V min. to 36 V max.
TARS-LCASS 4.5 V min. to 5.5 V max.


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