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HIH-4602-L Series Relative Humidity (RH) sensors are designed to deliver RH sensing in a rugged, low-cost slotted TO-5 can. The laser-trimmed, thermoset polymer capacitive sensing elements have on-chip integrated signal conditioning, helping to reduce product development times. A typical current draw of only 200 μA allows use in battery-powered systems. HIH-4602-L-CP sensors include a calibration and data printout to allow individually matched downstream electronics and ±3.5 %RH total accuracy.
HIH-4602-L Humidity Sensors – Honeywell


HIH-4602-A/C Series Humidity Sensors Installation Instructions English 160KB
HIH-4602-L Series Humidity Sensors Datasheet English 115KB
Thermal Sensors Product Range Guide English 2MB
Humidity Sensors Product Line Guide English 157KB
HIH Series Humidity Sensors Chemical Resistivity Technical Information English 127KB
Humidity Sensor Moisture and Psychrometrics Technical Information English 118KB
Humidity Sensor Performance Characteristics Technical Information English 68KB
Humidity Sensor Theory and Behavior Technical Information English 134KB
Thermoset Polymer-based Capacitive Sensors Technical Information English 82KB

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Product Combined Humidity and Temperature Sensor Output Accuracy (Best Fit Straight Line)
HIH-4602-L No Analog voltage N/A
HIH-4602-L-CP No Analog voltage ±3.5 %RH


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