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The SNDH-T Series is a dual differential Hall-effect sensor that provides speed and direction information using a quadrature output with signals 90° phase shifted from each other. Target direction is determined by output lead/lag phase shifting.

This product is designed for applications where extremely high resolution is required at wide frequency ranges, 1 Hz to 15 kHz, and large air gaps. BiCMOS (bipolar complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) Hall-effect technology, using advanced digital signal processing for dynamic offset cancellation, provides enhanced air gap performance and phase shift accuracy over most conditions.

Unique patented (pending) IC (integrated circuit) packaging provides output phase shift tolerancing with enhanced accuracy. The robust package is automotive under-the-hood grade for most environmental conditions as well as EMI (electromagnetic interference) hardened. Multiple connection options, including wire harness and integral connector versions using AMP super seal or AMP Jr. Timer connectors, are available. Package design includes an O-ring seal for pressure applications and a fixed mounting flange.

SNDH-T speed and direction sensors – Honeywell


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Product Connector
SNDH-T4C-G01 Integral Amp 4-Pin rectangular connector, straight exit
SNDH-T4L-G01 555 mm cable, straight exit
SNDH-T4P-G01 AMP 4-Pin oval connector with 555 mm cable, straight exit
SNDH-T4P-G02 AMP 4-Pin rectangular connector with 555 mm cable, straight exit


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