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Silicon chemically-etched flexible heaters contain resistive foil traces encased between two layers of fiberglass-supported silicone rubber bonded together using temperature and pressure. This material is easily vulcanized to metal parts. Heater trace patterns are generated similar to processes used in printed circuit board design and manufacture.

PSA simplifies installation. Variety of geometries such as flat, molded-to-shape and spiral wrap. Standard designs UL, CSA, and TUV approved.

Each solution is designed to be bonded to other system parts or combined with Honeywell thermostats, thermistors, thermocouples, and temperature sensors to form custom-engineered heating systems.

They are used where multiple watt densities or varying trace geometries are required such as airborne valves, appliances, and medical electronics.

C3200 Series Flexible Heaters – Honeywell


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Browse C3200 Series Products

Product Total Wattage Watt Density
C3200-6095 10 W 0,78 W/cm² [5 W/in²]
C3200-6095A 10 W 0,78 W/cm² [5 W/in²]
C3200-6136 15 W 0,39 W/cm² [2.5 W/in²]
C3200-6136A 15 W 0,39 W/cm² [2.5 W/in²]
C3200-6138 60 W 1,55 W/cm² [10 W/in²]
C3200-6138A 60 W 1,55 W/cm² [10 W/in²]
C3200-6142 15 W 0,39 W/cm² [2.5 W/in²]
C3200-6142A 15 W 0,39 W/cm² [2.5 W/in²]
C3200-6144 60 W 1,55 W/cm² [10 W/in²]
C3200-6144A 60 W 1,55 W/cm² [10 W/in²]


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