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The RV4 Series is a military qualified potentiometer made in accordance to MIL-PRF-94 specifications. It offers a 2 watt power rating and a conductive plastic element.
Conductive Plastic Potentiometers, RV4 Series - Honeywell


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Product Potentiometer Type Power Rating Resistance Value
RV4LAYSA101A Industrial 2 W 100 Ohm
RV4LAYSA102A Industrial 2 W 1 kOhm
RV4LAYSA103A Industrial 2 W 10 kOhm
RV4LAYSA104A Industrial 2 W 100 kOhm
RV4LAYSA105A Industrial 2 W 1 MOhm
RV4LAYSA151A Industrial 2 W 150 Ohm
RV4LAYSA152A Industrial 2 W 1.5 kOhm
RV4LAYSA153A Industrial 2 W 15 kOhm
RV4LAYSA154A Industrial 2 W 150 kOhm
RV4LAYSA155B Industrial 2 W 1.5 MOhm


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