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The 640 Series puts Honeywell's proven variable-resistor technology to work in angle-management applications such as control-lever sensing and equipment position feedback. High performance and low cost make it attractive for a wide range of applications. Special electrical and mechanical configurations, including dual tracks, D-shape rotor holes, etc. are available on special order.


640 Series Thru-Shaft Potentiometers Datasheet Datasheet English 509KB
Potentiometers Product Line Guide English 242KB
Position Sensors Range Guide Product Range Guide English 2MB
640 Series Thru-Shaft Potentiometers Installation Instructions Installation Instructions English 280KB
Select Potentiometers and Position Sensors Cross Reference Product Line Guide English 223KB

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Product Potentiometer Type Power Rating Resistance Value
640CS103A06NAAY Industrial 0.5 W max. 10 kOhm
640ES103A06NAAY Industrial 0.5 W max. 10 kOhm