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Honeywell manufactures a wide range of 12,7 mm [0.5 in] commercial snap-action thermostats for possible use in a wide array of small and major appliances, office copy machines, medical equipment, heat detectors, HVAC/R equipment and more.

These snap-action thermostats include automatic and manual reset options, phenolic or ceramic housings and a wide variety of mounting brackets and terminal options. Each thermostat's design is configured from a base unit, and may be customized for temperature tolerance and mechanical configurations, meeting the customer’s needs for accuracy and exactitude. Honeywell can also integrate these thermostats in higher value cable assemblies, incorporating wire harness and connectors.


Commercial Thermostats Datasheet English 756KB
Thermostats Line Guide Product Line Guide English 444KB
Industrial Product Line Card Line Card/Selection Chart English 571KB