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The 309 Series is a low cost potentiometer that offers the temperature stability of a cermet element and a 1 watt power rating in a compact body. PC and solder hook style terminals available.


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Product Potentiometer Type Power Rating Resistance Value
309NPC100 Industrial 1 W 100 Ohm
309NPC10K Industrial 1 W 10 kOhm
309NPC1K Industrial 1 W 1 kOhm
309NPC2.5MEG Industrial 1 W 2.5 MOhm
309NPC250 Industrial 1 W 250 Ohm
309NPC2500 Industrial 1 W 2.5 kOhm
309NPC250K Industrial 1 W 250 KOhm
309NPC500K Industrial 1 W 500 KOhm
309NPC50K Industrial 1 W 50 kOhm
309NPC5K Industrial 1 W 5 kOhm