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The CRIR M1 Commercial Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensor is a single channel, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor. Within the CRIR E1 is a sensing chamber with an infrared source at one end and a detector fitted with an optical filter at the other end. The source emits radiation at wavelengths which include the absorption band of CO2. The filter blocks wavelengths which are not sensitive to the presence of CO2, thereby increasing selectivity and sensitivity. As the light passes through the sensing chamber, a fraction is absorbed if CO2 is present. The difference between the light emitted by the source and received by the detector can then be converted to a CO2 concentration reading.

The Automatic Baseline Correction (ABC) function can automatically calibrate the sensor’s lowest reading over a pre-configured interval to 400 ppm CO2. This enhances long term stability and may eliminate the need for calibration.

Value to Customers

  • Small size
  • Maintenance free for normal indoor applications
  • Enhanced long term stability
  • Higher accuracy: ±40 ppm ±3% of reading
  • Consistency and repeatability
  • Easy integration


  • Single channel, non-dispersive infrared technology
  • Automatic Baseline Correction
  • Temperature compensation
  • UART digital interface

Potential Applications

  • HVAC, demand controlled ventilation
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) measurement
  • Air purification systems
  • Smart /IoT (Internet of Things) systems
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CRIR M1 Commercial Carbon Dioxide Sensor Datasheet Datasheet English 227KB
CRIR M1 Commercial Carbon Dioxide Sensor User Guide Installation Instructions English 363KB
CRIR M1 highres photo Photo -- 1MB
CRIR M1 lowres photo Photo -- 107KB


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