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These small and versatile digital Hall-effect devices are operated by the magnetic field from a permanent magnet or an electromagnet, and are designed to respond to alternating North and South poles. The built-in regulator provides enhanced stability of operation from over a 4.5 Vdc to 24 Vdc supply voltage range, and internal circuitry is designed to prevent sensor damage in case the supply voltage polarity is accidentally reversed. The open-collector sinking output voltage is easily interfaced with a wide variety of electronic circuits. Both products are designed for high volume applications. The SS40F is factory tested at 25°C [77°F] and the SS40AF is factory tested at both 25°C [77°F] and 125°C [257°F]. These products are available in a flat TO-92-style package with straight leads in bulk packaging.

SS40A, SS40AF Hall-effect Digital Position Sensor ICs - Honeywell


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Product Package Type Output Type
SS40AF Flat TO-92-style, straight standard leads, bulk pack, 1000 units/bag Sinking
SS40F Flat TO-92-style, straight standard leads, bulk pack, 1000 units/bag Sinking


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