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AWM700 Series microbridge mass airflow sensors provide in-line flow measurement with a specially designed bypass flow housing. The sensors measure flow as high as 200 standard liters per minute (SLPM) while inducing a pressure drop of 1 inch H2O, typically. The AWM700 has a high flow range capability in a small package. The sensor has a 6-millisecond response time, requires a 10 Vdc supply, but consumes only 60 mW of power. The compact plastic package withstands overpressures of 25 psi without compromising performance. The snap-in AMP compatible connector provides reliable connection. The sensor is also well suited for use in portable devices and battery-powered applications. The AWM700 Series sensors provide a combination of time proven reliability, high accuracy, and precision operating characteristics for use in the medical ventilation market and medical and analytical instrumentation applications. Its accuracy over life reduces the need for recalibration. AWM700 sensor circuitry performs amplification and temperature compensation.


AWM Series Microbridge Mass Airflow Sensors are not designed to sense liquid flow and will be damaged by liquid flow through the sensor.

AWM700 series airflow sensors - Honeywell


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Product Signal Conditioning Compensated Temperature Flow/Pressure Range Media Compatibility
AWM720P1 Amplified 10°C to 40°C [50°F to 104°F] +200 SLPM Dry gas only
AWM730B5 Amplified 10°C to 40°C [50°F to 104°F] ±300 SLPM Dry gas only


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