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Aerospace Linear Force and Rotary Torque Sensors


Honeywell’s force and torque sensors are often ideal for a number of measurement and feedback applications on aircraft. These sensors measure the forces applied by the pilot or co-pilot to the elevator, aileron, and rudder flight control systems. Sensor output is used both by auto-pilot and flight data recorder.

Force is measured using integral load cells, and conditioned using internal electronics prior to transmission to the flight data recorder. A mechanism in each sensor allows the device to continue to function as a control linkage in the unlikely event of sensor failure.

Control Rod Force Sensor - A proven design for harsh environments, this sensor group features a sensing element gauged with an accurately calibrated metal foil strain gauge.

Torque Sensor - This input quadrant torque sensor provides a zero-backlash interface and slip ring cable exit. Its sensing element utilizes a load cell gauged with metal foil strain gauges. In both sensors, a secondary load path integral to the sensor ensures proper function of flight controls in all potential failure modes.

We have over thirty years experience in providing force measurement products designed specifically for the most demanding aerospace applications and customers. We specialize in working with customers to create and deliver not only a sensor, but a full solution for nearly any measurement need.

  • Instrumented Control Rods
  • Instrumented Torque Quadrants
  • Instrumented linkage
  • Crew Force Input, custom
  • Aerospace Linear Force and Rotary Torque Sensors - Honeywell


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