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The HRTS Series Thin Film Platinum RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors) are designed to measure temperatures from -70 °C to 260 °C [-94 °F to 500 °F]. These fully-assembled elements are ready to use in probe assemblies without the need for fragile splices to extension leads.

These products are manufactured using a thin layer of platinum deposited on an alumina substrate and are laser trimmed to a resistance interchangeability of a standard ±0.2% (±0.5 °C accuracy) or an optional ±0.1% (±0.3 °C accuracy). The sensor chip is then glassed, wired and potted to result in an alumina package with Teflon®-insulated lead wires.

HRTS Series RTD Temperature Sensors – Honeywell


Temperature Sensors Line Guide Product Line Guide English 290KB
Thermal Sensors Product Range Guide English 12MB
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HRTS Series Thin Film Platinum RTDs Datasheet Datasheet English 470KB
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Browse HRTS Series Products

Product Sensor Type Temperature Sensing Range Package Type
HRTS-5760-B-T-0-12 100 Ohm platinum RTD -70 °C to 260 °C [-94 °F to 500 °F] Ceramic case
HRTS-5760-B-U-0-12 1000 Ohm platinum RTD -70 °C to 260 °C [-94 °F to 500 °F] Ceramic case


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