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Step 1 — Before you start, some key information & questions to answer


Before proceeding with Return Material Authorization (RMA), to return a product for Repair, Honeywell requires that you complete the 2 “Yes/No” questions relating to “exposure to radiation” and “exposure to infectious materials”. This is important to ensure the safety of the Honeywell Technicians that will be working on your products. In addition, we provide a list of information that you should have available to complete the RMA form.

Important Repair/Calibration Information

Please complete the Calibration Fields as well, because once the Repair is completed, the Product Calibration is included as part of the service.

System Calibration:

  • If you have multiple sensors to be calibrated with the same Instrument, and the Instrument does not require repair, then enter the Instrument serial number on each Product entry. Enter the sensor serial number in the Product Serial Number field.
  • A system calibration is the calibration of an external amplifier or instrument with a sensor(s).
  • Data from the display is the default for instruments with a display.
  • The analog output is the default for inline or external amplifiers.
  • A certification will be supplied for the system calibration and it will not include the sensor only certification.

Evaluation for Repair

Before you start

Make sure you have the following information:

  1. The Serial Numbers (S/N) and/or Part Numbers (P/N) of all items to be returned.
  2. The product type and full scale capacity
  3. Detailed description of problems found and the actions you are requesting & Contact information, for further questions.
  4. Payment information for the repair evaluation.
  5. Billing, Shipping & Shipping account information.
  6. Where possible, electronic file attachments of pictures, etc., of the application.
  7. Where possible, electronic file attachments of datasheets when non Honeywell Instrumentation is required to complete the repair or calibration.

Answer the following questions first

Have the products been exposed to radiation?


Have the products been exposed to infectious materials?



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