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Test and Measurement Quick Ship List

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At Honeywell, we believe that test and measurement solutions should not mean long delivery times. On this website, we have thousands of products to meet your test and measurement needs, with many products and sub-components in stock for rapid delivery.

Our Quick Ship List includes a selection of finished or semi-finished load cells, pressure sensors, accelerometers, displacement transducers, instrumentation and accessories in the most popular configurations that are available to ship within five days. Many are available for immediate shipment.

This diverse stock accommodates most applications and provides quick turn-around solutions to meet your sensor needs.

Not On The Quick Ship List And Still Need It Faster?

If the product you need is not listed in our Quick Ship program and/or is not available within the timeframe you need it per our standard delivery charts, please contact Honeywell to discuss other expedited alternatives which may be available.

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