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Honeywell is a leading sensor provider for many potential respiratory applications due to delivering the lowest pressure drop in the industry while providing enhanced sensitivity, accuracy, reliability, and stability with minimal drift over time. Honeywell sensors and switches can be used in a variety of potential respiratory applications, including anesthesia delivery systems, oxygen concentrators, sleep apnea machines, and ventilators.
Respiratory applications - Honeywell


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Honeywell pressure sensors can be used in respiratory applications?

Honeywell has a broad portfolio of pressure sensors that can be used in ventilators or oxygen concentrators. Board Mount pressure sensors (MicroPressure MPR Series, Basic ABP, ABP2 Series, TruStability� HSC Series) and Heavy Duty pressure sensors (MIP series, MLH Series) are extensively used within medical equipment due to high level of accuracy, sensitivity and reliability. To find out more, please access https://sensing.honeywell.com/lp/medical-sensing.

Which are the top functions of Honeywell pressure sensors in oxygen concentrators?

Board mount pressure sensors may be used to detect when the patient begins to inhale so that oxygen can then be delivered efficiently and effectively. Heavy duty pressure sensors are used to monitor and control the flow of air and oxygen delivered to oxygen concentrators, and used to monitor and control pressure within the surge tank, providing feedback to the compressor which allows the compressor to maintain the appropriate pressure level. For a complete list and features, download our brochure.

Which are the top functions of Honeywell pressure sensors in ventilators?

Board mount pressure sensors are commonly utilized at ultralow pressure ranges within ventilators to monitor a patient’s breathing and detect when filters are clogged and need to be replaced. Honeywell heavy duty pressure sensors monitor and control the flow of air and oxygen delivered to ventilators.


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