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Honeywell’s sensors, switches, scan engines and barcode decoding software are designed to provide enhanced accuracy, stability and reliability for the most stringent medical requirements while being easy to design-in.

  • Accuracy is often critically important at a zero and low flow conditions
  • Stability is often essential to minimize long term drift, reduce the need for recalibration and improve ease of use for medical equipment operators
  • Reliability enhances patient safety in life-critical applications, reduces downtime and improves test throughput in applications such as clinical diagnostics
  • Ease of use and easy to design-in are important to design engineers, so Honeywell’s customization and built-in calibration/amplification capabilities are strong benefits

Honeywell products for this industry include airflow sensors, barcode scan engines and decoding software, board mount pressure sensors, flexible heaters, force sensors, heavy duty pressure transducers, humidity sensors, infrared sensors, magnetic position sensor ICs, MICRO SWITCH basic switches, position sensors, pressure switches, thermistors and thermostats.

Medical Solutions - Honeywell

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Honeywell sensors can be used in medical applications?

Honeywell provides several solutions for medical applications. Pressure sensors, force sensors, airflow sensors, oxygen sensors, temperature sensors, magnetic sensors, barcode scan engines & software, basic and AML switches are reliable solutions for medical applications. For a complete list of offerings and details, please access https://sensing.honeywell.com/lp/medical-sensing.

In which medical applications can Honeywell sensors and switches be integrated?

Honeywell’s solutions are widely used in a variety of medical applications, including ventilators, oxygen concentrators, patient monitoring systems, laboratory test equipment, infusion pumps, hemodialysis machines. Download our brochure to find out more.


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