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Medical Sensors and Medical Switches


Medical applications typically require sensors and switches that are highly stable and extremely reliable to enhance patient safety and comfort. Stability is often essential to minimize long term drift, reduce the need for recalibration, and improve ease of use for medical equipment operators. Reliability enhances patient safety in life-critical applications, reduces downtime, and improves test throughput in applications such as clinical diagnostics. The product needs to be easy to use and easy to design into a system, so Honeywell’s extensive customization and built-in calibration/amplification capabilities are strong benefits. Confidence in Honeywell’s product performance, reliability, and availability provide peace of mind for medical equipment manufacturers who choose Honeywell.

Honeywell offerings for this industry include airflow sensors, board mount and stainless steel media isolated pressure sensors, magnetic position sensors, humidity sensors, flexible heaters, force sensors, thermostats, commercial solid state sensors, infrared sensors, oxygen sensors, pressure and vacuum switches, potentiometers and encoders, MICRO SWITCH pushbutton, rocker, and toggle switches, and hour meters.