N360X Series

Compact, Undecoded 2D Imager

The N360X Series 2D barcode scan engine is a very compact, undecoded 2D imager designed for use in mobile devices. It’s ideal for customer-facing applications with lower-volume scanning needs, and where cost is key.

N360X's high-performing rolling shutter based-sensor allows it to increase its read range by 48% versus traditional VGA sensor-based imagers and enables it to read higher resolution codes. An extended read range translates into increased comfort and productivity for end-users, who can now more easily scan barcodes, without having to bend over to reach the items that need to be scanned.

With some of the most compact dimensions in its class, N360X fits into slim mobile device designs, freeing up room for other technology integration and reducing development cycles.

Compatibility with other Honeywell scan engine families (N660X and N670X) also helps reduce integration time and design costs while increasing design flexibility and choice.

Potential applications include use in professional-grade mobile devices such as tablets, wearable scanners, mobile terminals, accessories in retail stores, warehouses, and healthcare facilities, as well as delivery, pick-up/ drop-off, and field servicing.

Here is what you can get with the N360X... why not give it a try?

Enhanced performance: Includes increased read range and higher resolution readability.

Compact size: At 8,1 mm [0.32in], the slim height makes it easier to fit today's and tomorrow's compact devices.

Simplified, faster integration: Compatibility with other Honeywell scan engine families and availability of parallel or MIPI interface helps reduce integration time and design costs.

Equipped with either a high definition green LED dot aimer (N3601), adapted for customer facing and healthcare applications, or a thin, bright laser aiming system (N3603) that enables reading multiple barcodes close to each other and is more visible in low light or bright light environments.

White LED illumination system enhances image capture results and readability of colored barcodes.

Supports beyond barcode functionalities such as OCR and EasyParse: Allows for potential use with driving licences, boarding passes and automotive part parsing.

Lower power consumption increases the battery life provided by a single charge, leading to increased productivity for end-users.