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MIP Series at a glance

Design engineers are frequently challenged with making real-time, critical, pressure measurements. When selecting a pressure transducer, engineers must consider the environment in which these devices will be used, as well as the specifications and features.

These Honeywell Heavy Duty, Media-Isolated Pressure Transducers offer a compact, stainless steel construction for use with a wide range of media including aggressive fluids and water.

The MIP Series operates reliably in the presence of electromagnetic fields, such as wireless signals, RF communication, and electrical devices.

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What makes the MIP Series a strong product?

Greater efficiency and performance

The MIP Series diagnostics are beneficial in applications where transducer functionality and the need to know internal or external failure modes is critical. The small Total Error Band (TEB) provides true measurement performance over the compensated temperature range, promoting system uptime and efficiency.

NSF Certified

This media-isolated pressure transducer is NSF (National Science Foundation) certified and supports food, water and commercial foodservice applications.

The NSF certification reduces engineering review and qualification time needed for implementation.

A single solution for multiple applications

The MIP Series provides capabilities which are compatible in several areas, including long-term stability, insulation resistance and dielectric strength, external freeze-thaw resistance and EMC performance. The MIP Series transducers belong in potential applications where temperatures are excessively hot or cold, caustic or corrosive chemicals are involved, voltage spikes or electrical disturbances may occur and unusual shock or vibrations could happen.

Reliable and long-term stability

The MIP Series eliminates the leakage risk associated with elastomeric O-rings and adhesives, increasing the safety and long-term stability of the system. The transducers are designed to be used in harsh environments, that see aggressive media and provide confirmation when an electrical connection failure occurs, making the area more reliable.

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Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) systems help maintain an acceptable indoor environment. Find out more about the use of Media Isolated Pressure sensors in Industrial HVAC/R Applications.


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Honeywell’s MIP Series transducers are designed to provide continuous monitoring of compressor outlet pressure and evaporator outlet pressure to help control the flow of refrigerant. Find out more.


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The MIP Series hermetically-welded design supports almost any media without the use of an internal seal, eliminating the leakage risk associated with elastomeric 0-rings and adhesives. Learn more.


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