Do you know what's in the air you breathe? Find out with the Honeywell Air Quality Monitor

The Honeywell Air Quality Monitor can give all the air quality data you may need to know to become a better you. With an award-winning design*, touch screen, color indicators and Wi-Fi connectivity, the device measures six different pollutants, allergens and parameters.

Leveraging a proprietary algorithm, the monitor gives you an IQ percentage reading. It’s a measure of how well your brain can work in the present environment.

When coupled with the connected mobile phone app, you can use it to check ambient air quality anytime, anywhere and take appropriate measures to protect yourself and those you care about.

* 2018 iF World Design Award

Why Air Quality Matters?

Air Quality can affect our health, both physical and mental through a variety of pollutants, particulate matter, gases, chemicals and other substances.

See below a full list of the parameters the Honeywell Air Quality Monitor will show and why it’s important to keep track of them.

Particles in the air with a diameter of 0.1 to 2.5 micrometres-this is 3% the diameter of a human hair. It can include soot, combustion byproducts, fossil fuel smoke, cigarette smoke, dust, allergens like pollen and mold, etc...
PM2.5 irritants may lodge in the lungs, causing asthma, respiratory inflammation, aggravated allergies, lung and heart conditions, and maybe carcinogenic after long-term exposure increasing mortality risk.

Specifications & Datasheet

Please find below a table with the Honeywell Air Quality Monitor's indicators and their recommended values.

INDICATOR Green Orange Red Detection Range
PM2.5 0 µg/m3 to 79 µg/m3 80 µg/m3 to 199 µg/m3 ≥ 200 µg/m3
HCHO <0.08 ppm - >0.08 ppm 0 ppm to 2 ppm
TVOC <0.03 ppm - >0.38 ppm 0.12 ppm to 0.99 ppm
CO2 <1000 ppm - >1000 ppm 400 ppm to 2000 ppm
IQ% >60% - <60% 0% to 100%
HUMIDITY - - 0% to 100%
TEMPERATURE - - 10℃ to 40℃
[50℉ to 104℉]

Note: If intended for continuous monitoring, then we recommend having the device connected to a charging port varantly.

Download Our DataSheet and Quick Start Guide below for more information:

Try our mobile app

Use the mobile app to check air quality at your home or workplace before you get there!

The Honeywell Air Quality Monitor convenient smartphone app lets you monitor on the go and track values over time, with 1 day and 1 month trend graphs and a weather screen.

You can customize various settings like the device interface, set the alarm clock, change temperature units and set alarm thresholds for different parameters, based on personal preferences.

You can even monitor multiple devices in multiple locations from one smartphone.

App download and setup

Use your smartphone to download the Honeywell IAQ client app. You can download directly from the Apple or Google stores.

Launch the app. Select “The second generation”. Connect the Honeywell Air Quality Monitor by following the app’s instruction interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our frequently asked questions if you need further clarification or information on the Honeywell Air Quality Monitor.

Download Our Frequently Asked Questions as PDF:


Q. Is indoor air quality a problem?
A. Yes. Indoor air quality impacts us all and is a problem even in North America. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates indoor air can have two to five times as many pollutants as outdoor air,* meaning we spend a majority of our time being bombarded by contaminants.
A. We measure the following pollutants and allergens because they are common, and can be drastic in their effects on health in concentrations if left unchecked:
PARTICULATE MATTER (PM2.5) asthma, respiratory inflammation, aggravated allergies, lung and heart conditions, carcinogenic after long-term exposure
FORMALDEHYDE (HCHO) may cause watery eyes; burning sensations in the eyes, nose, and throat; coughing; wheezing; nausea; skin irritation
TOTAL VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS (TVOC) may cause eye, nose, and throat irritation; headaches; loss of coordination and nausea; damage to liver, kidney, and central nervous system
CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) may cause lack of concentration; memory loss; depression; dizziness; headache; visual and hearing dysfunction;
HUMIDITY skin problems; breathing issues; itchy eyes and allergic reactions
IQ% Indicates the percentage of your total IQ available for use in your environment. Indicates the potential for poor performance of advanced cognitive functions related to one or more of the other measurements. Good indication that one of the other measurements are less than optimal.
. Everyone who cares about the air they breathe.
• The device is designed for all consumers who value understanding their surrounding environment. The device can be used to provide information on various environmental factors, allergens and pollutants, along with their effect on the consumers’ cognitive abilities.
• Whether you are a busy professional who likes to be in control of your environment, a parent with children preparing for exams or the SATs, or a manager who cares about the productivity of your top employees - the IAQ device can help you make sense of your surroundings.

A. Environmental factors such as elevated CO2 levels, volatile organic compounds and particulate matter can and do affect people’s cognitive abilities. Our patent pending IQ% provides you with a numerical output which correlates to the score you would get if you were to give an IQ test in the environment you are in right now. Every person’s IQ and cognitive abilities vary, which is why we provide the user’s current cognitive abilities as a percentage of the total they could have got in an ideal environment.
A. 6 hours
A. 6 hours
A. After charging is completed, Normal mode: 14 hours, Sleep mode: 40hours. Battery capacity: 2600 mAh.
A. It means that the levels of that pollutant have reached elevated levels. If you click on the symbol it will give you a number read out and the arc light at the top will go red as a warning.
A. Yes! Setting menu can set alarm. Thresholds set as follows:
A. The HAQ CO2 sensor is calibrated at the factory, but may drift over time. To combat this, the HAQ should be calibrated on occasion to account for the drift. Calibration involves exposing the sensor to a known gas source (outdoor air, or indoor air in an unoccupied room - both should equal approximately 400 ppm CO2). The HAQ takes multiple readings, calculates an average, stores the difference between the new average and original factory value in memory (after subtracting 400 from the known gas source), and uses this value as an "offset." This “offset” value is then automatically added or subtracted to any subsequent readings taken by the sensor during use until the next calibration.
A. In the outdoor environment, switch to the CO2 interface, press and hold the middle position of the screen for 3 seconds, and the calibration prompt appears. After 10~15 minutes, when the calibration prompt disappears, the calibration is complete.
A. Ideally the device should be close to where you or the end consumers are, and should not be near doors, or windows as they affect the air flow around it. Placing it near an open window might give different readings as the air might not have dissipated homogeneously through the room. For best results we suggest using one device for 1000 - 1500 sq ft of air, or for one room in a house, as walls and doorways act as barriers.
A. Yes! As long as your battery is charged or as long as you have a connection for a USB cable - you can use this device in your car to understand the in-cabin air quality! Do note that for data logging you would need an internet connection so it can upload data to the app, you might use your phone as a hotspot, or the device as a standalone monitor.
A. Yes, again, as long as you have a sufficiently charge battery and/or a socket - the device is useable outdoors. Note though, the readings outdoors will be remarkably different from those indoors.

A. Android smartphones must be running version 4.4 or later. But the Google Store won't download an app unless compatible with your smartphone.
A. Yes! You can place multiple devices around your home or a loved one’s home that will connect to the app on your phone. Follow the directions on the app to connect multiple devices.
A. Yes, just use the same username and password on the additional mobile phones.

A. No, unfortunately we currently only interface with the smartphone app, but we are working on building an API.
A. Device data is stored securely in the Honeywell cloud. The app shows trending data for one day, or one month.
A. No, the device has no memory storage on its own.
A. The device checks in with the cloud once every minute. In energy saving mode this frequency drops to once an hour.
A. Raw data for 7 days, hourly average for 1 month, daily average for 1 year. But the last day and last month are viewable in the app. If you are a business that is looking for more insights - please contact us directly.

A. Yes, we are developing an API that enables businesses to pull data from our cloud. More details will be provided soon, so stay tuned.

Where to buy

Please find below the available partners from which you can purchase the Honeywell Air Quality Monitor.

Sharaf DG - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Times Square Center, Level 2 Between 3rd & 4th Interchange, Sheikh Zayed Road Phone: 800 344357


LLC "Dadget" - Moscow, Russia

109052, ul. Novokhokhlovskaya, 23s1, 2nd floor Phone: 8 (800) 700-08-34


Atlas Industrial Systems - South Africa

3 Wolfram Street Vanderbijlpark CE6 South Africa Phone: +27 (0)16 981 7843



16 Field Street, Wilbart, Germiston, South Africa Phone: +27 11 450 4885


Kempston Controls LLC - Dubai

Warehouse No. 4 (Al Zubaidi), 13th Street, Umm Ramool, Dubai U.A.E. Phone: 971 4 298 7111


EKOM Elk. Elektronik San. Tic. A.Ş. - Merkez (İstanbul)

ASF Batı Plaza. Beylikdüzü OSB Mh. Hürriyet Bulvarı No:10, Kat: 3 D:9 34524, Beylikdüzü İstanbul, Türkiye Phone : +90 212 5909715 (pbx) Fax : +90 212 4210584


EKOM Elk. Elektronik San. Tic. A.Ş. - Şube (Ankara)

Tepe Prime, C Blok, No:64 Mustafa Kemal Mah. Dumlupınar Bulv. 06510, Çankaya Ankara, Türkiye Phone : +90 212 5909715 (pbx) Fax : +90 212 4210584


Enterprise Offering

Ensure that the air in your company or facility is safe for you, your employees and your guests, so everyone can perform their activities at optimal physical and cognitive capacity. The Honeywell Air Quality Monitor is designed for a unique user experience and convenience for health and productivity conscious individuals and establishments. It can successfully be used in a variety of places where higher environmental standards are needed.

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