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Valves control or regulate the flow of gasses or fluids by partially obstructing, opening, or closing the pipeline that carries the media. In many applications, they are operated manually by a lever, pedal, or wheel. Automatic valves are often actuated by changes in pressure, temperature, and/or flow. To ensure accurate opening and closing to control flow, rugged, reliable, and precise sensors and switches are used throughout valves, flow meters, sanitary valves, manual process valves, and valve actuators/positioners.

  • MICRO SWITCH BZ, V7, V15, and ZW Series snap-action basic switches monitor the position of the valve handle by indicating if the switch is actuated. These switches are employed on valves used in non-explosive environments such as waste water treatment plants and/or other factory applications.
  • MICRO SWITCH BZ, V7, V15, ZW, SM, and SX Series snap-action basic switches determine the position (open/closed) in a sanitary valve.
  • LCZ Series single zero speed sensors or 3000 Series high resolution VRS sensors: In flow meter applications, Honeywell’s speed sensors measure flow by monitoring revolutions of the impeller (an inside propeller). Each revolution of the impeller equates to the delivery of a certain amount of fluid. For example, if the user sets a fluid level of five gallons per minute, the speed sensor counts the impeller rotation so that the correct amount of fluid is delivered.
  • MICRO SWITCH CX, BX, LSX, EX, and GSX Series hazardous location limit switches monitor the position of the valve stem or actuator. As these limit switches are enclosed in an explosion-proof housing, any flame path is extinguished inside which mitigates the risk of causing an explosion at the switch part. These switch components provide feedback for the user to take action in order to prevent explosions in hazardous environments. Hazardous location switches are employed in valves in outdoor, above-ground, potentially explosive environments such as oil and gas treatment applications.
  • MICRO SWITCH HDLS (LSA Series) limit switches and GLS Series global limit switches are employed to monitor the position of the valve stem or actuator. Primarily used on valves in non-explosive environments such as waste water treatment plants, power generation plants or other factory applications.
  • SR Series digital position sensors, SMART position sensors: In flow meter applications, Hall-effect magnetic position sensors are used to determine valve position. SR Series sensors are constructed from a sheet of conductive material with output connections perpendicular to the direction of current flow. In sanitary valve applications, the SMART Position Sensors provide continuous closed-loop feedback and control.
  • Hall-effect position sensor ICs (2SS, SS40A, SS41, and 2SS52M) provide non-contact position feedback on sanitary valves.
  • Heavy-duty pressure transducers (MLH, MIP, 13mm, 19mm Series) or pressure switches (HP, HE, ME, LP, LE, 5000 Series) determine the pneumatic pressure in sanitary valves, and the diaphragm pressure in valve actuators.
  • TruStability™ HSC and SSC Series board-mount pressure sensors monitor and control valve position.
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