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Machinery, Safety, Factory Floor


Today's worker is more mobile and connected than ever before. With the right embedded products, these sensors and switches can help workers become more productive, efficient, and safe.

Conveyor Belt

  • MICRO SWITCH 1CPS, 2CPS, and 2CCP Series cable-pull switches perform belt shut-down in an emergency.
  • MICRO SWITCH e-stop/push-pull switches perform belt shut-down in an emergency, as well as control belt's on/off status.
  • MICRO SWITCH limit switches control belt's on/off status.

Overhead Doors

  • MICRO SWITCH limit switches and safety switches control open/closed status of doors while also monitoring the door status.
  • MICRO SWITCH e-stop/push-pull switches provide activation for opening and closing the overhead doors.

Valves, Actuators, Boilers, and Piping

  • HP, HE, ME, LP, LE Series pressure switches monitor and indicate high/low pressure in piping and boilers.
  • Heavy-duty pressure sensors (MLH, MIP, PX2, PX3 Series) deliver highly accurate pressure measurement in boilers, valves, and piping.
  • SMART™ position sensors detect valve position.
  • MICRO SWITCH limit switches indicate a valve's open/closed status.

Machinery: Forklifts, Robotic Arms, Shrinkwrap Machines, Hand Pallet Jacks, Plastic Press Molding

  • MICRO SWITCH toggle switches, shifters, turn signals, and key switches all help control forklifts.
  • HP, HE, ME, LP, LE Series pressure switches deliver high/low pressure indication.
  • SMART™ position sensors measure linear, rotary, or angular position of a magnet attached to a moving object so the object's position may be determined and/or controlled.
  • Heavy-duty pressure sensors (MLH, MIP, PX2, PX3 Series) measure and detect pressure of press equipment.
  • Honeywell Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) deliver forklift traction detection, prevent the over-extension of robotic mechanical arms, and provide safe industrial equipment operation.
  • Speed sensors measure speed, position, and presence detection utilizing magnetoresistive, variable reluctance (VRS), and Hall-effect technologies.
  • 500 and ES-110 Series temperature probes deliver temperature sensing for forklift engine controls, cooling, fuel system, and air-inlet system.
  • Potentiometers indicate angular position on industrial machines.
  • Magnetic sensors measure a forklift's engine RPMs, motor speed measurement on industrial machines, and wheel-slip measurement on forklifts.
  • Thermostats and thermal sensors detect the temperature on press equipment.
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