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People-moving elevators are classified as commercial or residential and have different codes and safety requirements. Generally powered by electric motors, elevators/lifts are vertical transport vehicles that move people or goods between floors of a building. Honeywell sensors and switches can be found throughout the elevator shaft and car.

  • The NGC Series Compact Limit Switch may be used to monitor moving components to ensure that they remain in their designed envelope of movement. If the limit switch monitoring the movement detects the machinery, it can be used to shut the machine down.
  • Honeywell Relialign™ RDI and CDI Series Door Interlock Switches are adept at providing secure and safe operations for many residential and commercial lifts. The Relialign™ Series utilizes its locking solenoid to ensure the lift door is not opened when the situation is potentially unsafe.
  • 2450CM Series bi-metal heat detection sensors are used in the system control box as an over-temperature switch to help prevent the system from overheating.
  • Model 41 Series low-profile load cells with pull plates are designed to determine the weight of the load on the elevator so it won’t move if it is overloaded.
  • MICRO SWITCH GLS Series global limit switches are used in commercial elevators, in addition to wheelchair lifts, to detect the position of the elevator or lift floor. Commercial elevators also employ limit switches in the buffer system.
  • SR Series digital position sensors are used to monitor the position (open, shut) of the elevator door. When the doors open completely, the sensor resets the timer that determines when the doors should close. When the doors are closed, the sensor will sense when the door is closed, indicating that the elevator can be moved.
  • Honeywell SMART position sensors are used in elevator applications for accurate floor position control. When the elevator is approaching the floor, it slows and then levels to the floor it has reached.
  • LCZ Series single, zero speed sensors control the elevator motor speed.
  • 500 Series packaged temperature probes are used in the motor windings and bearings to help prevent the motor from overheating. Probes are used in both the main drive motor as well as the elevator door motor.
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Sensors and Switches in Commercial Traction Elevators Application Note English 2892KB
MICRO SWITCH NGC Series Limit Switch Applications Application Note English 734KB
Relialign™ CDI Commercial Door Interlock Switch Applications Application Note English 803KB


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