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Air compressors provide pressurized air to a variety of machine and other tools. At a very basic level, an air compressor processes air from the outside to supply the tank(s) with air. Once the compressed air reaches a certain pressure point, the air compressor turns itself off. Honeywell manufactures many electronic sensors and switches that may be used in industrial air compressors. They are designed to deliver system control, fluid level indication, temperature regulation, along with protection from overheating and starting/stopping the compressor.

  • 2450RM Series bi-metal thermostats used in the system control box as an over-temperature switch to help prevent the system from overheating.
  • MLH, PX2, and PX3 Series heavy-duty pressure transducers are used in industrial air compressors to determine fluid-level in hydraulics.
  • MICRO SWITCH BZ, V7, V15, and ZM Series basic switches have several applications in industrial air compressors. They can be used as the float switch at the drain trap after the aftercooler (V7, V15, ZM, ZW) or used as pressure switches by the compressor relief valves and by each filter to measure back pressure (BZ, V7, V15, ZM).
  • LCZ Series Hall-effect, single zero speed sensors are used to monitor the speeds of the motor and the compressor.
  • Honeywell HP, HE, ME, LP, LE, and 5000 Series pressure switches monitor oil pressure in order to minimize air compressor motor damage.
  • 20000 Series (ac) and 85000 Series (dc) hour meters track equipment use in many harsh factory or construction environments. Honeywell hour meters may also be used in compressors to maintain the equipment at required intervals.
  • Push/pull environmentally sealed e-stop switches enable quick power shut-off to pneumatic tools in dc-powered air compressors.
  • Environmentally sealed, sliding contact key switches track equipment usage to allow only authorized individuals to turn on and/or off the machine.
  • 500 Series packaged probes are often used for coolant, compressor air inlet, and discharge air temperature. May also be used to measure the air compressor’s motor temperature.
  • Honeywell HumidIcon™ humidity/temperature sensors allow for tight system control of humidity and dew point.
Switches and Sensors for Compressors and Pumps


Electronic Sensors and MICRO SWITCH Switches in Industrial Air Compressors Application Note English 496KB

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