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The 3455RVB Series consists of a temperature-sensitive bimetal disc, electrically isolated from the switch, which actuates the normally closed contacts. The contacts open when the surface or ambient temperatures increase to the operating snap point of the calibrated disc. Response to temperature changes is extremely rapid due to the inherently low mass of the disc and the small size of the product.
3455RBV Commercial Thermostats – Honeywell


Commercial Thermostats Datasheet English 756KB
Thermostats Line Guide Product Line Guide English 444KB
Thermal Sensors Product Range Guide English 12MB

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Product Functional Properties Open Temperature Close Temperature
3455RBV 00290075 Open on rise 12.8 °C [55 °F] 4.4 °C [40 °F]
3455RBV 02270011 Open on rise 87.8 °C [190 °F] 76.7 °C [170 °F]
3455RBV 02840040 Close on rise 56.1 °C [133 °F] 70.0 °C [158 °F]
3455RBV 04490005 Open on rise 65.6 °C [150 °F] 54.4 °C [130 °F] min.
3455RBV 80330073 Open on rise 73.9 °C [165 °F] 40.6 °C [105 °F]
3455RBV 82340042 Open on rise 76.7 °C [170 °F] 60.0 °C [140 °F]
3455RBV 84810017 Open on rise 40.6 °C [105 °F] 32.2 °C [90 °F]
3455RBV 84810020 Open on rise 12.8 °C [55 °F] 4.4 °C [40 °F]
3455RBV 86390003 Close on rise 26.7 °C [80 °F] 37.8 °C [100 °F]
3455RBV 87310002 Open on rise 54.4 °C [130 °F] max. 46.7 °C [116 °F] min.


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