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  PRODUCT  Range  Connector  Input  Output
060-J078-01 ±80 G (±50 G with submersible cable) Top exit Constant Current n/a
060-K311-01 100 mV/G Side exit Constant Current n/a
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    Constant Current - Model MAV52
    Velocity accelerometers with connector, integral cable, or submersible cable electrical termination ● 1/4-18 UNF female mounting hole ● 50 G

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    Constant Current
    Piezoelectric accelerometers with constant current low output impedance output ● 2 Hz up to 10 kHz ● IEPE & mV/G oupupts

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    High Frequency – Constant Current Accelerometers
    High frequency piezoelectric accelerometers with very low magnetic field susceptibility ● 2 Hz to 15 kHz ● IEPE & mV/G outputs

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    Model MA342
    High frequency accelerometers ● 2 Hz to 10 kHz ● 1/4-28 UNF female mounting threads ● 2-pin MS connector

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    Model MA12
    General purpose accelerometers ● Connector or integral cable versions available ● ±80 G dynamic range

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    Model MA15
    General purpose accelerometers ● Current output ● Mating connector or integral cable ● 1/4-28 UNF Female mounting hole ● 50 G dynamic range

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    Subminiature Accelerometers
    Lightweight, low-profile amplified piezoelectric accelerometers ● 25 kHz or 45 kHz ● IEPE, mV/G, or pC/G charge output

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    1865 Series
    Liquid media psi pressure ranges ● Unamplified, compensated ● Current excitation mA or voltage excitation mV outputs

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    Miniature Accelerometers
    Low-profile accelerometers for industrial & automation applications ● 2 Hz up to 30 kHz ● IEPE, mV/G, isolated ac, or charge outputs (pC/G)

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    Temperature & Vibration – Model MAT53
    General purpose accelerometers ● 2 Hz to 10 kHz ● Temperature (in current) & vibration (in mV) outputs


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