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  PRODUCT  Configuration  Sensing Range  Termination  Output
SPS-L035-LATS Linear 0 mm to 35 mm [0 in to 1.38 in] TYCO Super Seal 282087-1 integral connector 0.55 Vdc to 4.15 Vdc analog
SPS-L075-HALS Linear 0 mm to 75 mm [0 in to 2.95 in] cable with flying leads 0 Vdc to 5 Vdc analog
SPS-L225-HALS Linear 0 mm to 225 mm [0 in to 8.86 in] cable with flying leads 0 Vdc to 5 Vdc analog
SPS-L225-HDLS Linear 0 mm to 225 mm [0 in to 8.86 in] cable with flying leads RS232-type digital
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    Linear Smart Position Sensors
    Linear sensing ranges of 0 mm to 35 mm, 0 mm to 75 mm, & 0 mm to 225 mm ● Analog Vdc output: 35 mm, 75 mm, & 225 mm; digital

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    Magnetic Position Sensors
    Respond to the presence or to the interruption of a magnetic field. Measure linear, angular, or rotary movement of magnet attached to moving object.

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    SMART Position Sensors, SPS Series
    Use a patented combination of ASIC technology and an MR sensor array to provide absolute position sensing with enhanced speed & accuracy.

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    Motion & Position Sensors
    Encoders, angular/rotary potentiometers, non-contact Hall-effect rotary position sensors, resolvers, torque, & accelerometers.

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    Agricultural Vehicles
    Sensors and switches to assist agricultural vehicles run efficiently and reliably.

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    Power Generation and Alternative Energy
    Sensors and switches for use in power generation, along with wind and solar power applications.

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    Mining/Construction Vehicles
    Honeywell's superior switch, sensor, and vehicle controls have powered the transportation industry for 75 years, with high-performing parts and applications.

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    Machinery, Safety, Factory Floor

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    Crane Overview
    Honeywell S&C's superior switch, sensor and vehicle control solutions have powered the transportation industry for three-quarters of a century, with high-performing parts and applications. Our extensive portfolio manufactures a multitude of solutions for engine and transmission applications, as well as temperature sensors, ignition switches, turn signals and headlights.

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    Valve - Positioners and Actuators Overview
    Valve actuators are pneumatic or electronic mechanisms used in process control systems to automatically open or close valves. Valve actuators can be used with either linear or rotary valves.


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