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  PRODUCT  Form Factor  Input Type  Number of Channels
060-3104-01 n/a Transducers: 0.5 mV/V to 8 mV/V 1
060-7561PSD-01 Hand-held Strain gage full-bridge sensors 1
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    Signal conditioning or cell/force indications ● Battery powered ● Rugged enclosure ● Strain-gage/bridge based transducer input

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    HH Series
    Handheld portable instrument ● 3½-digit LED display ● Powered by 9 V battery

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    7561-PSD Series
    Handheld portable instrument ● 7½-digit LCD display ● Powered by 2 "AA" batteries

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    Mini DB 2D Decoder Board
    Very small footprint ● Compatible with other Honeywell 1D and 2D scan engines ● Advanced imaging technology ● Supports multiple interfaces

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    N5X00 Series 2D Scan Engines
    Compact, lightweight & durable ● LED or laser aimer ● Omnidirectional ● For use in most general-purpose data collection applications

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    Display and Conditioning
    Single- & multi-channel indicators/conditioners ● Portable instruments ● Quick & easy setup ● Easy-to-read displays ● Rugged design for field use

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    N5X80 Series 2D Scan Engines
    Compact, lightweight & durable ● LED or laser aimer ● Omnidirectional ● Decoded or undecoded

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    EV15 1D Scan Engine
    Based on patented, bi-linear CMOS sensor ● Offers ideal blend of size and power for use in space-constrained portable and fixed devices

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    HPM Series
    Laser-based light scattering particle sensing ● PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4.0, PM10 ● <6 s response ● UART ● Standard and compact versions

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    Patient Monitoring/Acute Testing
    Patient monitors are used in clinical environments to monitor & display the patient’s vital signs.


    pdf Hand-held Pressure Monitoring for Compressed Natural Gas Application Note English 70.8KB
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