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  PRODUCT  Circuitry  Action  Lamp Type
102TP81-10 DPDT 3 position No button
102TP81-3 DPDT 2 position No button
102TP81-8 DPDT 2 position No button
102TP82-10 DPDT 3 position No button
102TP82-3 DPDT 2 position No button
102TP82-70 DPDT 3 position No button
102TP82-8 DPDT 2 position No button
104TP82-3 4PDT 2 position No button
1TP1-1 SPDT 3 position Translucent
1TP1-2 SPST 2 position Translucent
1TP1-21 SPST 3 position Translucent
1TP1-3 SPDT 2 position Translucent
1TP1-31 SPDT 3 position Translucent
1TP1-5 SPDT 3 position Translucent
1TP1-6 SPST 2 position Translucent
1TP1-7 SPDT 3 position Translucent
1TP1-8 SPDT 2 position Translucent
1TP12-1 SPDT 3 position Transparent
1TP12-2 SPST 2 position Transparent
1TP12-21 SPST 3 position Transparent
1TP12-3 SPDT 2 position Transparent
1TP12-5 SPDT 3 position Transparent
1TP12-7 SPDT 3 position Transparent
1TP150-7 SPDT 3 position Transparent
1TP155-7 SPDT 3 position Translucent
1TP16-1 SPDT 3 position Translucent
1TP16-2 SPST 2 position Translucent
1TP16-3 SPDT 2 position Translucent
1TP16-7 SPDT 3 position Translucent
1TP16-8 SPDT 2 position Translucent
1TP19-1 SPDT 3 position Transparent
1TP19-2 SPST 2 position Transparent
1TP19-3 SPDT 2 position Transparent
1TP201-1 SPDT 3 position Translucent
1TP201-2 SPST 2 position Translucent
1TP201-3 SPDT 2 position Translucent
1TP201-6 SPST 2 position Translucent
1TP201-7 SPDT 3 position Translucent
1TP201-8 SPDT 2 position Translucent
1TP216-1 SPDT 3 position Translucent
1TP216-2 SPST 2 position Translucent
1TP216-3 SPDT 2 position Translucent
1TP216-5 SPDT 3 position Translucent
1TP216-7 SPDT 3 position Translucent
1TP216-8 SPDT 2 position Translucent
1TP30-7 SPDT 3 position No button
1TP33-7 SPDT 3 position Colored
1TP37-7 SPDT 3 position No button
1TP4-1 SPDT 3 position Transparent
1TP4-2 SPST 2 position Transparent
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    Rocker Switches
    Options of 1- or 2-pole switches in single throw and double throw maintained & momentary circuits, LED & neon lamps & wide electrical capability.

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    AML Series
    Rectangle ● Non-lighted, 1 & 2 lamp circuits ● SPST, SPDT, DPST, DPDT, 4PDT ● 2- & 3-position ● Snap-in panel ● Solder, QC, PCB, push-on

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    TP Series
    Rectangle ● Non-lighted ● SPST, SPDT, DPDT ● 2- & 3-position ● Flush mount & above panel mount ● Screw termination

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    Armoured Military Vehicle Overview
    Military armoured vehicles are concerned with accuracy and speed. These vehicles require sensing and switching solutions that can not only withstand, but excel, in their severe environments and working conditions.


    pdf MICRO SWITCH Rocker Switches Line Guide Product Line Guide English 127.7KB
    pdf TP Series Rocker Button Switches Catalog Information English 396.6KB
    pdf AML 24 and 26 Series Electronic Control Rocker Switches Catalog Information English 348.9KB
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