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  PRODUCT  Housing Type  Circuitry  Action
AML21BBA2AA Square SPDT Momentary Action
AML21BBA2AB Square SPDT Alternate action
AML21BBA2AC Square DPDT Momentary Action
AML21BBA2AD Square DPDT Alternate action
AML21BBA2BA Square SPDT Momentary Action
AML21BBA2BB Square SPDT Alternate action
AML21BBA2BC Square DPDT Momentary Action
AML21BBA2BD Square DPDT Alternate action
AML21BBA2CC Square 4PDT Momentary Action
AML21BBA2CD Square 4PDT Alternate action
AML21BBA2EA Square SPDT Momentary Action
AML21BBA2EC Square DPDT Momentary Action
AML21BBA3AA Square SPDT Momentary Action
AML21BBA3AB Square SPDT Alternate action
AML21BBA3AC Square DPDT Momentary Action
AML21BBA3AD Square DPDT Alternate action
AML21BBA3BA Square SPDT Momentary Action
AML21CBA2AA Square SPDT Momentary Action
AML21CBA2AB Square SPDT Alternate action
AML21CBA2AC Square DPDT Momentary Action
AML21CBA2AD Square DPDT Alternate action
AML21CBA2BA Square SPDT Momentary Action
AML21CBA2BB Square SPDT Alternate action
AML21CBA2BC Square DPDT Momentary Action
AML21CBA2BD Square DPDT Alternate action
AML21CBA2CC Square 4PDT Momentary Action
AML21CBA2CD Square 4PDT Alternate action
AML21CBA2DD Square 4PDT Alternate action
AML21CBA3AA Square SPDT Momentary Action
AML21CBA3AB Square SPDT Alternate action
AML21CBA3AC Square DPDT Momentary Action
AML21CBA3AD Square DPDT Alternate action
AML21CBA3BA Square SPDT Momentary Action
AML21CBA3BC Square DPDT Momentary Action
AML21CBA3BD Square DPDT Alternate action
AML21CBA3CC Square 4PDT Momentary Action
AML21CBB2AA Square SPDT Momentary Action
AML21CBB2AC Square DPDT Momentary Action
AML21CBB2AD Square DPDT Alternate action
AML21CBC2AA Square SPDT Momentary Action
AML21CBC2AB Square SPDT Alternate action
AML21CBC2AC Square DPDT Momentary Action
AML21CBC2AD Square DPDT Alternate action
AML21CBC3BA Square SPDT Momentary Action
AML21CBE2AA Square SPDT Momentary Action
AML21CBE2AB Square SPDT Alternate action
AML21CBE2AC Square DPDT Momentary Action
AML21CBE2AD Square DPDT Alternate action
AML21CBE2BA Square SPDT Momentary Action
AML21CBE2BC Square DPDT Momentary Action
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    Square Box

    Pushbutton Switches
    Available lit or unlit, pushbuttons enhance manual operation, feature snap-in choices, & have a variety of terminations, buttons, sizes, & functions.

    Square Box

    AML Series
    20,5 mm x 30,5 mm panel area ● Snap-in, strip, matrix, PCB, sub-panel ● Incandescent, LED, neon lamps ● Up to 3 A ● UL, CSA, VDE, CE

    Square Box

    Armoured Military Vehicle Overview
    Military armoured vehicles are concerned with accuracy and speed. These vehicles require sensing and switching solutions that can not only withstand, but excel, in their severe environments and working conditions.


    pdf MICRO SWITCH AML76 Series Pushbutton Guard Datasheet English 413.4KB
    pdf MICRO SWITCH AML51 Series Button/Lens for Switches and Indicators Datasheet English 695.2KB
    pdf Key Switches Line Guide Product Line Guide English 325.5KB
    pdf MICRO SWITCH Pushbutton Switches Line Guide Product Line Guide English 199.9KB
    pdf EPM Series Engineering Drawing Technical Information English 103.7KB
    pdf Panel Design Guide, Applying Manual Controls and Displays Technical Information English 778.4KB
    pdf Pushbutton Panels and Manual Switches Selection Guide Catalog Information English 629.2KB
    pdf Series 2 Pushbutton Switches and Indicators Catalog Information English 1.9MB
    pdf Series 4 Pushbutton Switches and Indicators Catalog Information English 1MB
    pdf AML 51 and 52 Series Pushbutton and Indicators Catalog Information English 645.3KB
    pdf AML 21 and 22 Series Electronic Control Pushbuttons Catalog Information English 257.7KB
    pdf MML 21 Series Electronic Control Pushbuttons Catalog Information English 186.8KB
    pdf AML 53 and 55 Series Paddle Switch Covers Catalog Information English 548KB
    pdf AML 31 and 32 Series Power Duty Pushbutton Catalog Information English 173.5KB
    pdf MML 92 and 93 Series LED and Receptacles Catalog Information English 642.5KB
    pdf MML 31 Series Power Duty Pushbutton Switches Catalog Information English 154.5KB
    pdf MML 24 Electronic Control Rockers Switches Catalog Information English 229.4KB
    pdf AML 41 and 42 Series Lighted Indicators Catalog Information English 201.9KB
    pdf AML Series Advanced Manual Line Introduction Catalog Information English 476.3KB
    pdf AML 33 and 35 Series Power Duty Paddle Switches Catalog Information English 209.4KB
    pdf AML 54 and 56 Series Rocker Switch Operators Catalog Information English 545.2KB
    pdf MML 91 and 93 Series Incandescent Lamps and Receptacles Catalog Information English 459KB
    pdf AML 70 Series Accessories Catalog Information English 498.2KB
    pdf MML 51 Series Button Lenses/Incandescent or Non-lighted Display Catalog Information English 168.6KB
    pdf MML Series Mounting Dimensions Catalog Information English 1.1MB
    pdf MML 41 and 46 Series Indicators/Pushbutton Style Catalog Information English 236.9KB
    pdf AML 45 and 59 Series Solid LED Annunciators Catalog Information English 730.7KB
    pdf AML Mounting Dimensions Catalog Information English 995.6KB
    pdf AML 27 Series Electronic Control Keylock Switch Catalog Information English 176.2KB
    pdf AML 34 and 36 Series Power Duty Rocker Switch Catalog Information English 215.9KB
    pdf MML 72 and 73 Series Bezels and Mounting Clips Catalog Information English 189.7KB
    pdf AML 61 Series Mounting Hardware Catalog Information English 220.9KB
    pdf MML Series Miniature Manual Line Introduction Catalog Information English 534.9KB
    pdf AML 91 Series Lamps, Soldering Recommendations, Receptacles Catalog Information English 101.6KB
    pdf AML 23 and 25 Series Electronic Control Paddle Switches Catalog Information English 358.5KB
    pdf PB Series Pushbutton Switches Catalog Information English 620.6KB
    pdf MML 61 Series Strip Mounting Frames Catalog Information English 111.5KB
    pdf MML Series Order Forms Catalog Information English 246.6KB
    pdf AML 24 and 26 Series Electronic Control Rocker Switches Catalog Information English 348.9KB
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