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Relialign™ CDI Commercial Door
Interlock Switches
Product Overview

Honeywell’s Relialign™ CDI Series Commercial Door Interlock Switches are designed for swing door applications that include commercial elevators, dumbwaiters, and platform lifts. The door interlock holds the door in place and prevents it from being opened when not desired (e.g. the elevator/lift car is not present at the door). A number of design features contribute to its enhanced safety, reduction of nuisance stoppages and call-backs, as well as simplified wiring and installation. The CDI Series provides an alternative to large, installation-intensive interlocks and OEM custom-made products.

The CDI Series is an extension of Honeywell’s successful swing-door interlock switches for residential applications: a metal housing version (RDI Series, released in June 2009) and a plastic-molded housing version (RDI2 Series, released in June 2010). The CDI Series leverages similar design technology of the RDI Series’ platform while adding the robustness needed for the commercial industry. The CDI Series has a greater pull force than the RDI and RDI2 Series (675 pounds vs. 150 pounds) and a longer mechanical life (one million cycles vs. 55,000 cycles) - important features for commercial applications.


Value to Customer

( = competitive differentiator)


Quick and easy installation: CDI Series non-intrusive design does not require destruction of door or frame, allowing for lower installation costs; packaged solution saves time and reduces cost by eliminating engineering, procurement, and installation associated with custom OEM-made products
Safety: Dual mechanism action increases safety and tamper resistance; no open or exposed contacts reduce the risk of shock and manual overrides; Relialign™ Series meets ASME A17.1 & A18.1, cULus, and CAN/CSA B44 codes
Reliability: Key engagement designed to reduce maintenance costs by minimizing nuisance stoppages
Flexibility: Wiring capabilities designed for use across multiple styles of control systems; available in series or parallel
Less complexity: Unique RJ-45 Category 5 connections, as well as a terminal strip
Customizable: Configurable product platform may be customized for a variety of engineering designs and requirements
Compliance with ASME A17.1, ASME A18.1, cULus, and CAN/CSA B44
Reliable performance and multiple design features minimize nuisance stoppage of applications
Manual override for easy actuation without user hazard reduces the potential for call-backs
Door closure retention cam holds door with minimal key-to-interlock play; a new design material provides more pull force than the competition’s models
Series or parallel wiring option for door closed and door locked switches
Snap-action switch used to indicate door closure, providing an extra level of security
Terminal block or one-piece RJ-45 Category 5 connection for quick and easy connection
Universal voltage for ac and dc applications

Swing-style doors on

Commercial dumbwaiters
Commercial platform/vertical lifts
Commercial swing-door elevators


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