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Honeywell’s pedal pressure load cell sensor mounts directly to the brake pedal with its own mounting clamp. Load forces can be applied up to ½ inch off center while producing less than a 0,5% error. Load capacities range from 50 lb up to 300 lb (standard capacity). This load cell, which is used for brake pedal force measurements by the automotive industry, finds many production applications. It can be adapted to any of the pedal or bar operated devices used in almost any production facility. Think this might be what you need for your application, but want some additional features? Ask about our custom engineering capabilities.


  • 50 lb, 100 lb, 200 lb, and 300 lb load capacity
  • Low off-center loading error
  • Easy mounting
  • Rugged load surface
  • Cable integral
  • Tamaño compacto
Pedal special application load cells - Honeywell


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