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Model 3140-CS Load Cell offers a low profile design for both tension and compression applications that are Fatigue Rated. The welded carbon steel construction and stabilizing diaphragms provide the same ruggedness which has made our Model 41 and 43 pancake type load cells so successful. The Model 3140-CS is available in ranges 300 lb through 100.000 lb. and mounting dimensions are universally interchangeable within the test and measurement industry. Excellent off-center load & moment error correction, inherent in the design. Used for Metrology Lab applications.


  • Enhanced accuracy, up to 0,02 %
  • 300 lb to 100000 lb range
  • Universal tension and compression loading
  • Perfil bajo
  • 150 %FS safe overload capability
  • Available in single or optional dual bridge configuration
  • Medidas métricas disponibles
  • Factory installed calibration adapters
  • Eccentric load compensated
  • High precision base installed
Model  low profile carbon steel load cells - Honeywell


Hoja de datos de celdas de carga tipo disco modelo 3140-CS Hoja de datos Inglés 386KB
Load Accessories Datasheet Hoja de datos Inglés 513KB
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Folleto de descripción general de T&M Folleto Inglés 413KB
Folleto sobre gas y petróleo Folleto Inglés 4MB
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